A Whole New World

I’m not a huge fan of Disney’s “Aladdin,” but this song has been running through my head repeatedly for a few weeks now. A couple of pretty major events have been / are about to take place at work, and both are pretty likely to open up that “Whole New World.”

Our program staff members (those of us responsible for planning, organizing, executing, aladdin-2and staffing ministry programming) are all receiving excellent leadership training from the Kansas Leadership Center. Besides gaining new perspective on what we do, we’re learning to speak a new “language” together that enables us to grow and be more effective together. New vistas are opening up, risks are being taken, and we’re challenging ourselves and each other in new ways. Very exciting.

On another front, a person who has been on staff for quite a bit longer even than my 11 years has announced her resignation. In the interest of being positive and constructive I won’t say much, but…this is one of the biggest and best changes we’ve undergone in our history. This person has been very valuable in many ways, but has also been a barrier to many, many things that have seriously needed to happen for a very long time. I’m feeling an enormous burden being lifted off my shoulders, and I know I’m not alone in that.

And as I reflect on all this stuff, it hits me just how invested I am in the work I do. I feel incredibly lucky to have a career – in the same job – that I have loved so much for so long. There have certainly been ups and downs. Times when I was discouraged and felt stale, but things always turn around.

Coming out of college, I couldn’t imagine myself ever doing anything besides teaching. But there came a point when I realized I absolutely had to stop teaching, for my own emotional and physical health. How amazing is it that I was able to translate my degree in education into an entirely new career?

And all this is on top of having had absolutely perfect career, too, for a number of years, in being a stay-at-home mom for our three fantastically awesome children.

All right, enough navel-gazing for one day. Just one thing more: Here’s hoping that you have found or will find something in your life that works so well for you. 🙂


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