Lots of words Wednesday


Today was the first day of our local Friends of the LIbrary book sale. Heaven on earth for a bibliophile.

This year the sale’s being held at our community college gym, on their indoor track. Books (and CDs, DVDs, and sheet music) as far as the eye can see.

 Middle Sister and I went this afternoon; the first time we’ve been on the very first day when the selection is best. Normally we don’t make it until the last day – not such a great selection, but prices slashed in half.  Even at full price, though, we didn’t break the bank today:

  • 33 paperback picture books (for the Little Free Library) for 50 cents each
  • seven paperback fictions for $1 each
  • one hardback fiction for $2

I went armed this year with a list of the books I already own by two of my favorite authors. Sadly, I was only able to beef up my personal collection of Alexander McCall Smith books by two. But I discovered a new series by an author I don’t know, but who looks very promising, and got four titles in that series.

Middle picked up a very common book of soprano solos, which she’ll pass on to her voice teacher. These books are in high demand during solo and ensemble season, when each performer must present TWO originals of any given song to the judges sitting in on their session, so it will be much appreciated. She also found an Old English primer and a writing handbook – working ahead of time for tools she’ll need when she has her own classroom. Her final purchase today was her favorite edition of “Once and Future King,” of which she already has two copies. She actually ran across four copies at the sale today, and I totally understood her despair at leaving three of them behind. I feel the same way when I discover “Pride and Prejudice,” the original complete collection of “Winnie the Pooh” or “Ramona the Pest.” It seems like cruelty to walk away from them, even though there’s already at least one copy on my shelf at home.

It’s yet another stormy day in our part of the world. The perfect opportunity for a leisurely perusal of our haul. And then a nice, cozy read.

Books, books, books, books, books


2 thoughts on “Lots of words Wednesday

  1. You really scored at that book sale! How nice to have a sale with such a great variety, and held somewhere with enough room to move around to see everything. I’ve stopped going to my library book sale because it’s so impossibly crowded into a tiny room. (But I do bring free books home every few weeks from the book swap shed at our dump — books are in constant flux at my house.)

    And good for you for spending money to keep quality picture books in your library for everyone to enjoy! Definitely a valuable public service.

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