Project: Bathroom 

Moving forward slowly.

All the drywall that can go up at this point is up. The Boy started mudding yesterday, and displayed talent for this task that is definitely an art.

What’s holding us up for now is the shower stall. It’s purchased, it’s the right size, and most of the installation should be a breeze. But the base and drain are causing problems. Just a logic puzzle, really, with at least four different (and equally difficult) solutions. Uncle (who worked for the city’s highest rated plumber during college) has been called in for his advice, which was, in part: “Go visit the guys at The Plumber’s Friend.”

A quick search told us that The Plumber’s Friend (25 minutes from home, across State Line Road- the Kansas City area is divided fairly equally between Kansas and Missouri) opens at 8:00 am, so The Boy set his alarm and was out the door at 7:45.

In real terms, the project is progressing just fine. In my mind, though I’m a little stressed about it. The kid is still motivated and working hard. But this week he scheduled tonsil surgery for the end of the month. That wil not only knock him out of work for a week or so, but I’m not thrilled about him doing it in the first place. His tonsils are so swollen so much of the time that his vocal professors have been encouraging him to have this done for two years. But we have a young friend who nearly bled death (literally) post-tonsillectomy due to a rare complication. Scary.

Then, too, we’re pretty focused on trying to get the walls painted before June 15. That’s our Vacation Bible School week, four days in which leading 60-some kids and 25 helpers all day turns me into a zombie by the time I drag myself home. If I don’t get the walls painted before that date, it’s not happening until the following weekend. And that will hold up the next stage of the project – vanity, lighting, and toilet.

It’s probably time to follow Jon Stewart’s example and find a moment of Zen.


4 thoughts on “Project: Bathroom 

  1. Again, I’m jealous of the progress of your bathroom. We just found out we have to wait a couple more weeks. Hope all goes well with your son’s tonsillectomy. All three of ours had them out when they were wee ones.

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  2. It sounds as though your son is highly motivated and helpful – what a star. Have just caught up with your week of posts and I’d agree that it’s good to step away from the ‘Book of Face’ (as we like to call it) once in a while. Have a great weekend.

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    • I like your name for “facebook.” 🙂 And yes, our son is totally a rock star on this project. I love watching him puzzle things out that he doesn’t already know how to do, and his sense of pride in his work.


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