More thoughts, post-annual exam.

Having made it through this year’s torture, I have a few reflections:

  • They really need to position the exam tables in such a way that my naked butt isn’t showing through the door when the doc enters and leaves.
  • There is not enough air conditioning in that place. Sweaty, peri-menopausal women stick to the paper and plastic pads that get placed under their lady parts.
  • Maybe if I changed doctors constantly I wouldn’t have someone catching me up because I haven’t followed through on some of the health-related torture I’m supposed to be doing regularly at this point in my life. It’s something to consider.
  • Note to self: Always wear your best underwear on exam day. Every scrap of clothing you’re wearing that day is going to be piled on the tiny chair next to the exam table during the visit, and the thought of any of my falling-apart or sweat-stained undergarments being on view is abhorrent. Thankfully I managed to wear new undies today.
  • Standing in a small room completely nude while you can hear strangers talking at the nurses’ station RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR is not a comfortable experience.

Let’s don’t do this again for awhile, okay? Like for at least a whole year. Bleh.


3 thoughts on “More thoughts, post-annual exam.

  1. My doctor’s office has the table facing the windows. The windows without blinds. I am assured that nobody can see in the windows because they are “special”. Oh well, I’m choosing to believe her and hope that if someone could actually see through the window with their binoculars, they enjoyed the show. 😀

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  2. You can avoid problem 2 if you schedule your exams for February in New England. Of course, then you get to feel self-conscious about having huge goose bumps in places that should never have any kind of bumps. But at least you don’t stick to anything!

    You really have to wonder why they design offices to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible.

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