Ten Thoughts Tuesday

So many random things in my head – let’s clear them out with a random post.


1. I get to participate in my first podcast this afternoon, sitting around and chatting with two of my favorite co-workers. Can’t wait.

2. Actually, I just remembered I did a video cast for Huffpost a couple of years ago. That was pretty awesome, too. One of the other people on the cast turned out to be a blogger I love.

3. Bathroom project is still moving along, though the shower stall continues to cause problems at every stage. Lesson learned over the weekend: Don’t loan out tools when you have an impending project because you’ll have to track them down and get them returned to keep said project from going down the tubes. Second lesson currently being learned: Plumbing is hard.

4. I’ve successfully converted my life to Google calendars and so far it’s going swimmingly. Three more meetings scheduled for this week (it’s completely insane in my work world currently) and no double-booking. Yay!

5. Tickets tomorrow night to an outdoor theater production of “Camelot.” Campy and politically incorrect, but so much fun. And there’s a fair chance that we actually won’t be rained on for this event!

6. Bought tickets over the weekend for my mom, The Husband, and me to fly out to Baltimore to visit Oldest in October. $99 each way, no fees, non-stop – best price I’ve ever seen offered. Love having this visit to look forward to. And hoping against hope that I don’t come home wanting to strangle my to co-travelers.

7. Haven’t gotten to see “Love and Mercy” (the story of Beach Boy Brian Wilson’s life) yet, but am compensating by listening to the Greatest Hits album that I have loaded onto my phone.

8. Here’s a thing I should never do: Run out of coffee beans. This morning I didn’t get a cup of coffee until I left for work and could stop by a drive-through. That was way too late – by the time I got to work I was fighting a lack-of-caffeine headache.

9. There’s a note on my desk reminding me that sometime this week I need to buy 50 pounds of corn starch. For work. I do some really weird stuff in the line of duty.

10. Yesterday at my annual exam (the memory of which I am trying hard to banish to the dark recesses of my mind) my doc mentioned how really fantastic our three kids are. I think that every day of my life, and I love it when I hear it from others.

Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Yes! We’re having a whole baby pool full of oobleck, so the kids can “walk on water.” Can’t wait to get pictures. 🙂 I’m sure you’re right that it’s in the commandments somewhere. Along with “If thou art 4 years old or younger, thall shalt cry pitifully when your adult drops you off at VBS.”


  2. Let me guess — are the 50 pounds of cornstarch for Vacation Bible School? Because I’ve heard rumors that the 11th commandment is “Thou shalt not run a VBS without the kids making oobleck.”

    Congrats on scoring cheap plane tickets. Great to have some family togetherness to look forward to!


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