Hurdle cleared.

Working all day, and with the help from an old high school buddy (who accepts payment in Klondike bars, thank goodness), The Boy got the shower completely installed yesterday. Plumbing finished and working, stall leveled and fastened in. This part of the project held things up for a full week, but now it’s on to the remainder of the drywall, mudding, and painting.

And then, the part I’ve been waiting for all along – the IKEA trip for the vanity, wall fixtures, linens, and decorations. FUN FUN FUN!




8 thoughts on “Hurdle cleared.

  1. I’ve discovered from a project were doing at church that waiting for a contractor to call is about like waiting for Kansas politicians to become reasonable, intelligent people. The contractor we’re using has done nothing but ignore me and make excuses when I call him on it. Fingers crossed that your project moves forward soon!


  2. Excellent! Kudos to son and friend. Does this mean the project is back on whatever timeline it needed to be on (relative to tonsil surgery, VBS, etc)?

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    • After waiting SOOOO long to have a decent bathroom downstairs (even when it wasn’t a disaster area the decoration was seriously ugly – decorated by the previous owners) this project is VERY exciting!

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