You are now entering introvert hell. Please die inside as quietly as possible.

I’ve been pretty cranky all morning. At first I thought it was because my day’s plans are a bit screwed by the rain. 

But then I took a look at what I have coming up in the next week and a half, and the light bulb came on:

  • The Boy’s girlfriend arrives this evening to stay with us for five days. She’s perfectly lovely. But there will be someone I don’t know well IN MY HOUSE.
  • Tonight The Husband and I have a double date with his brother and sister-in-law, for the brother’s birthday. A night out means forced conversation, being “on” for several hours, and complete exhaustion. It means no quiet, reflective evening filled with knitting and the battery re-charge I get from being home.
  • Tomorrow is a work day when I’ll have to make pleasant chat with tons of people. Can you say TORTURE?
  • Monday-Thursday next week there will be 60 kids and 25 adults in my charge for 3 1/2 hours each morning, for Vacation Bible School. It will be a great success, I’m sure. And I will be as deflated as a popped balloon by Friday.
  • The following Tuesday I have to spend most of the day with my step mother, driving her back and forth to her house as we wait for my dad to get through surgery (she’ll have to have her oxygen re-charged, give her dog an insulin shot, and probably sneak a few nips of scotch to keep her going). Imagine sitting precariously on shards of glass, with the constant threat of being dropped in to the Arctic Ocean at any minute. That’s how pleasant that day will be.

Desperately looking for positives. Like the IKEA trip we have planned for next Wednesday afternoon/evening. Like locking myself in my room with a Netflix movie and my knitting every other evening next week. Like taking walks BY MYSELF just to get the hell away from people for a few minutes. 

Preparing to activate survival mode.



4 thoughts on “You are now entering introvert hell. Please die inside as quietly as possible.

  1. hahaha! I am so happy that I have someone who understands my type of misery when experiencing weeks like you have coming up. (I’m not laughing at you by the way…just our “condition”) šŸ˜€

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    • I know you get it. I’ve been feeling bad for holing up and ignoring even close friends and family recently, but it really is because it’s just so completely draining to have interactions beyond all the stuff I absolutely have to do. Knowing that you do get it helps me not feel so guilty!

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