Two things for today:

1. Jurassic World (part of our double date last night) would be better titled “Misogyny World.” We went from a strong, brave, and intelligent lead female in “Jurassic Park” to a lead female who a) wears spiked heels and lipstick to tear through the jungle, b) lies 1-tyrannosaurus-rex-roger-hall-and-photo-researcherssprawled sexily on the ground as T-Rex and Immodium Rex (not its real name, I know) fight it out above her, and c) learns the lesson that catching a hot guy and taking care of kids are more important than a career. Sickening.

2. Five people (The Boy’s girlfriend arrived last night) who are all trying to get out the door before 8:00 in the morning have a really difficult time sharing one bathroom. Considering putting a seat on the hole in the “under construction” downstairs bathroom for the next few days.


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