Happy ending to a slightly sad kitchen story.

Last week Middle was cooking one of her interesting meals – curry, I think it was – with a lot of pans going on the stove top at once. The food was great. The lasting effect not so much:


Pretty sad to have a permanent burn on your lovely backsplash. But one lesson I’ve learned as a mom is that making your kids feel miserable when they’ve done something that was purely an accident is a great way to ruin your relationship with your kids.


The burn mark gave us an excuse to shop around for some fun decor to cover it up. This is what we found:


It’s the perfect colors and style for our kitchen. But so many questions…

  • Was this tray made by someone who has no English?
  • What is 100% coffee milk?
  • Vintage original breakfast? Vintage food does not seem particularly appetizing.

It will keep us guessing – and smiling – for years to come.


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