Humor from on the road

The Husband is out on the road, as usual, and last night sent the family another photo of one of the odd sights he ran across along the way:  


Not sure if this imperative is for this particular piece of land only, or if it’s a more general rule. If it applies to me, some 800 miles from the location of the sign, then we’re in trouble – the constant rain and heat are causing our grass to grow like crazy.

VBS week – and the week of spending every day (and last evening) with 70-some people – is over. It was possibly the best one we’ve ever had, and I’m pleased by the experience we were able to provide.

I’m much more pleased that today (my day off) I have almost nothing on my to-do list. The house will be quiet and mostly empty. Middle Sister will be absorbed in homework. The Husband won’t get home until tomorrow. The Boy is out of town for the weekend, attending a wedding his cute little girlfriend is in, so the downstairs construction zone will even be on hold.

Time to breathe.

2 thoughts on “Humor from on the road

  1. I’m guessing it’s a nature preserve kind of thing. We have protected areas of the Kanza prairie that are used for research. Whatever it is, it’s funny.


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