We are a nation of pretenders.

I just watched John Stewart’s monologue from last night, his reaction to the South Carolina shooting, and I have a few things to say.

First, I thank God for this man. Seriously. If only he had political clout.

Second, this nation is controlled by people who spend their lives pretending so many damaging things:

Pretending that protecting the rich and their well-lined pockets will in some way help the rest of us have a better life.

Pretending that the poor deserve their lot, and that if the poor want more they should get off their asses and work harder.

Pretending that being born to white, comfortable, well-educated families doesn’t give you every advantage over the powerless.

Pretending that the struggle for racial equality is over, a thing of the past, something we don’t need to address.

Pretending that minorities are not still kept “in their place” by lack of justice.

Pretending that the NRA does not own our elected officials, and thus our policies and our laws.

Pretending that we are the most “exceptional” nation in the world.

Please, stop pretending these evils in this nation do not exist. They do exist, and they’re creating the perfect environment for dystopia in the here and now.


6 thoughts on “We are a nation of pretenders.

  1. We mustn’t forget that Monsanto or the Koch Brothers also own our politicians. Yes, it’s the people who have chosen such poor leadership, but because we are so ‘programed’ to have information at our fingertips, that information isn’t fully correct and many are too lazy to dig for the real issue at hand.

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    • That’s my point, exactly. And the fact that it was the voters who got these “leaders” to where they are. (I’ve learned through the leadership training I’m currently experiencing that leadership is an action. Our elected officials are not practicing leadership.) What is a nation if not its people?

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