Tiffin box!!!

It’s probably pretty goofy to be so excited about this, but I ran across a tiffin box today at 10,000 Villages and simply had to make it mine.

They’re not well known (if they’re known at all) in the States, but I’ve read about them in some of my favorite books by Alexander McCall Smith. Our young Scottish friend Charlie from the “Sunday Philosphy Club” series takes a tiffin box to preschool, for his little mid-day meal.

The volunteer working at 10,000 Villages today heard me exclaiming over their collection of tiffins, and clued me in about an Indian movie featuring tiffin wallahs, made a couple of years ago and called “The Lunchbox.” Definitely a must-see.

And now to decide…what shall I carry for my tiffin on Monday?


4 thoughts on “Tiffin box!!!

  1. I will have to read more about the Tiffin boxes. I found some little tin boxes with the lid with the latches while clearing my husband’s dad’s house. Did I use the apostrophe in the correct manner? Anyway, since I’m such a hoarder of little boxes for this and that, I saved them for sewing supplies. Maybe I have some Tiffin boxes and don’t know it.

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