Snapshots from a day that turned out much better than expected.

I had thought that today would be the most painful point in my week and a half of introvert hell. It was the day of my dad’s surgery, and I expected to be sitting in the hospital with his wife all day, and ferrying her back and forth across town for various errands.

But – – zippedy-doo-dah!!! – – as it turned out, his surgery was very early in the day, he got sent home quickly, and I was able to attend the second day of our middle schooler event. Believe me when I say that hanging out with 17 middle school kids was infinitely preferable to the alternative.

And so…my day in pictures, in no particular order:

Lunch – featuring my tiffin box, which fits inside my Vera lunchbox! Perfection!!

We spent some time at a thrift shop supported by our local Lutheran congregations – proceeds go to a Metroplitan Lutheran Ministries, an organization that provides food and housing assistance, financial education, and job coaching to those in need of a little help. One of the kids in my group was a young friend who I’ve known since he was a toddler. Our task was to sort donated clothing and hang it up. But often we started out by playing “Guess the Garment.” At first we both thought this item was a shirt. The photo shows his effort to figure out how to get it on a hanger. I know him well enough to be certain he wasn’t trying to get a laugh. This was his honest attempt to make sense of what turned out to be a skirt.

image Our next service project was to work in the orchard and vegetable gardens run by MLM in the inner city, which helps provide fresh fruits and vegetables in the midst of a food desert. We weeded, picked turnip greens (which I must say I’m glad I WON’T be eating, based on the smell), and cleared and re-rocked a rock path. Our kids were hard workers and truly a delight to be with. The weather even cooperated, with temperatures in the upper seventies and plenty of cloud cover to keep us cool. What a great day!

And finally, this little gem, from a text sent by my husband. He’s been traveling in the south lately – Georgia over the weeend and South Carolina yesterday (where he saw many reminders of last week’s shooting on signs in front of businesses and churches). Not sure where this particular sign was posted, but when he sent the photo to the family it generated plenty of comments:

Now – off to the grocery store to pick up a few items for a soup to take to my dad and his wife to help out during his recovery from surgery. I’m pretty wiped out from all the physical labor earlier in the day, but so relieved to have gotten out of hospital duty that shopping and cooking will be a breeze.


6 thoughts on “Snapshots from a day that turned out much better than expected.

  1. Every year when we do this two-day event with that age group I’m blown away by how great these kids are (with a very few exceptions). As for the sign, my favorite comment was “what happens if you have to do both at the same time?” Bleh.


  2. Looks like a fun day!! What a blessing to have your day turn around and be better than you expected!! If only all days were like that. 🙂 glad you had fun, mama, and I hope your dad has a speedy recovery!!


  3. Glad it went so well! It is indeed somewhat unusual when hanging out with a group of middle-schoolers is the better part of one’s day, but sounds like a great group of kids being really helpful. Those service projects really do bring out the best in them.

    And that sign is beyond weird. I guess in a men’s room it could be distinguishing between a row of stalls and a row of urinals, but still!!!

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