Step right up, step right up!

It’s a three-ring circus!

3-ring-circusIn Ring One: Administrative and planning meetings, back to back! Watch the acrobatics as she contorts to coordinate various new and old ministries without pissing off the competing factions! Marvel over the twists and turns as before your very eyes she learns to write code and create her own ministry website pages!

In Ring Two: Physical plant updates and upkeep  in the lower level of the church building taking place all at the same time! Be amazed by the juggling of room painting, floor stripping and waxing, furniture deliveries, and kitchen renovations! Daredevil stuff, ladies and gentlemen!

In Ring Three: Bathroom renovations, surgery of two close family members, a birthday, and a much-anticipated visit from the oldest sibling! ‘

Don’t close your eyes for a moment, ladies and gentlemen – you don’t want to miss these death-defying acts! The breathtaking show will be taking place every day for the next few weeks!

Buy your tickets now for a front row seat!


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