Highlights of a very interesting week in our world.

Our power was only out for an hour and a half this morning, so I was able to fire up the coffee maker at a reasonably early hour and get a solid caffeine fix. WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY!

So, without further ado, highlights of this week…

  1. SCOTUS decision on favor of the ACA. Shut up about it now, Republicans. And stop making up lies about how health care for millions more Americans is tanking our economy and making peoples’ lives miserable.
  2. SCOTUS decision in favor of marriage equality!!! I can’t say much more about this because I’m still wiping away tears of joy. Perhaps there is hope for our nation after all.
  3. SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia is a butt. His ridiculous and sarcastic question during deliberation of marriage equality asked whether the next thing will be for four gay people to all marry each other.
  4. Antonin Scalia also gave us a hearty belly laugh as he used the words “jiggery-pokery” AND “applesauce” in his dissenting opinion about the ACA. That rascally hooligan is just full of shennanigans.
  5. chigger-photoI got chiggers. Many people deny their existence, and I still don’t know whether they actually burrow into your skin or just bite you, but I have dreadfully itchy chigger-marks making me miserable under the places where my underwear and bra live. Picked them up while weeding in that orchard on Tuesday.
  6. In a beautifully serendipitous surprise, The Husband got routed to Baltimore on Wednesday and got to link up with our daughter. She dropped everything, rented a Zip car, and met him at the port where his truck was being loaded. He got to go back with her to her lab, and then they went out for dinner together. I was so happy for them. The Husband hasn’t been to Baltimore since we 11241026_10152921018170913_9098524274363522967_nmoved her out there two years ago, so it was great that he finally got to see her in her new habitat. Joy!
  7. I sat up late last night (meaning almost 10:00 – I am truly a party animal), and with The Boy’s help became relatively proficient in generating my own content on our new website at work. I’ll get plenty of practice going forward, as I’ll be responsible for updating my own area constantly. Pretty cool to learn a new skill AND spend the whole evening with my favorite 20-year-old. I even think I managed to delete all the instances where he slyly inserted the word “poop” into my text.

I’m behind in my usual Friday chores and errands, but that’s okay. A real day off was much needed and I plan to savor it.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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