There have been LONG stretches of my life when all was bleak and desolate. Utter despair at every turn.

Perhaps it is the strong memory of that desolation that makes this moment in time stand out in such starkly joyous contrast.

My heart overflows because our president is a man to be proud of. We’ve had the privelege of watching him speak from the heart about three monumental events in the last few days, and each time I simply burst with pride and thankfulness. I compare it to the night in November, 2008 when the election was finally called, when I shed tears of pure joy that finally we could begin again to make progress in the lives of the average American, not just in the lives of the wealthy and powerful. After eight years of a duplicitous, greedy administration that made me ashamed of my nation, there was now the opportunity for hope and change – through the leadership of a black person. Earth-shattering.

My heart overflows because, though there has been decision after decision handed down that pandered to the powerful, the greedy, and the small-minded, the Supreme Court has made two decisions this week that are sensible, compassionate, and life-giving for millions of people. We are on the right course for giving all our people  access to reasonably-priced health care. We are on the right course for offering legitimacy and dignity to our gay friends who simply want to live an honest, loving life.

My heart overflows because finally, FINALLY we are having a national conversation that speaks the truth about the hate and racism personified in confederate culture, in confederate symbols, and in our nation as a whole. Finally we are taking steps to address the evil that has been allowed to fester, even after we congratulated ourselves for the civil rights movement. The most difficult work is still ahead, but this week healing may actually have begun.

My heart overflows because I have meaningful work to do every day, with people I deeply admire and respect. I have been lucky to enjoy my work for these last 11 years, but recent events have made our team more cohesive and productive than we’ve every been before. Just this week we received the icing on the cake; the key position that was recently vacated by a team member who was dragging us all down like a kraken in the ocean has now been filled by someone who is the personification of love and welcoming. It’s mind-boggling, envisioning what we can all accomplish together now.

My heart overflows because in just a few days our perfect family unit of five will all be together again for a short time. Knowing each others’ foibles and strengths, laughing and playing together, discussing big thoughts. I will have my three darling children all under one roof for five days. Our three children, who brought the only bright, joyous spot to life in those long years when all was bleak and desolate. And my husband, who continues to recover from the crippling depression and anxiety that made those years so black.



13 thoughts on “Overflowing

    • Thank you! I’ve really missed your writing – it’s so good to hear from you! I hope you have been able to be with your son this summer. And I hope you’ll start posting again soon!


      • Hi Amy, I stopped writing my own blog for many reasons but I still enjoy reading yours. I am heading to Canada next week for 3 weeks!! so I will have lots of time with my son and Daughter and parents and friends.

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  1. You’ve said just about all I’ve been thinking. I sure can’t believe what my southern friends are saying about the confederate flag. Ostrich comes to mind—or it is just racism in disguise. So happy that you get to be together with your entire family. I get that privilege in August when our daughter graduates—again. Then she’s coming back to Georgia, so I get even more chances of gathering together.

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  2. I love it! Living in the south it makes me sad to see the confederate flag! Sometimes I think they don’t know what it stands for and for some they know exactly what it stand for. I just continue to pray for everyone to see people versus —>insert label here<—. I am glad your whole family will be together that is so exciting 🙂


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