Emotional Pong

A few clips from the morning of a woman caught in the grip of peri-menopausal hormones:

  • Pong-screenUnreasonable thrill when, first thing in the morning, a picture she posted on FB and a comment she wrote on someone’s blog post both get all kinds of “likes.”
  • Disgust and crankiness when she remembers that she really has to get up and do a power walk and then eat a really boring, healthy breakfast – based on her recent annual blood tests.
  • Tanking of mood due to tripping over the piles of JUNK left all over the house by her much-loved family.
  • Nearly giving up on the day when her husband picks up the large, just-filled pepper grinder and the stopper in the bottom falls out, spilling peppercorns in a 10-foot radius. No exaggeration. Those damn things are round. They bounce, roll, scoot, and hide. We will be finding peppercorns with our bare feet for days to come.
  • Struggling not to scream at everyone in the house as she sweeps peppercorns, arranges for one of the kids to drive her husband to the place where her husband’s tractor-trailer is parked, and attempts to do fifteen other tasks and still get to her work meeting at 9:00.
  • Satisfaction as she ticks several items off her work check-list within the first hour.
  • Joy and peace as she listens to Ingrid Michaelson in her office.

Keeping my eye on the video screen.


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