Kicking into high gear…

…and donning my Superwomwan cape.

Today begins the only “vacation” I’ll have this summer. To keep from feeling guilty about being away from my office for the next week, I was an overachiever yesterday:

  • wrote all the lessons plans for the fall, for the one class in which the curriculum we use has absolutely un-useable plans
  • consulted with the guy who’s kindly offered to repaint two of our classrooms, so he can get to it while I’m gone
  • bought all paint and supplies for the project
  • prepared two rooms for painting. Having forgotten that I would need to do this yesterday, I was dressed in fairly nice clothes. Which quickly turned into very sweaty clothes.

On this first day of vacation I can take it easy – only two things on my check list:

  • prime the downstairs bathroom because YES! The Boy got all the drywall finished and sanded yesterday
  • The small bits of wall you can see in this photo? They had to be built up from several odd layers of drywall, due to the weirdness of the way the bathroom is built and the weirdness of the way the shower fit in. This was a long-ass stage to the project.

  • take The Boy to have his tonsils out and care for / worry about him for the rest of the day and overnight

Interestingly, either one of the things on today’s check list would generally be enough for one day.

But I’ve got my Superwoman cape on. And my fingers crossed.

6 thoughts on “Kicking into high gear…

  1. I’m enjoying your progress with the bathroom. We have one or two days of the tile guy then a day with the shower door/enclosure—then I get it. I have a closet of clothes I don’t wear and…..and….and…. I hope your son’s recovery is speedy.

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    • So exciting that you’re making progress too! We’re some priming except for two small areas that had to be wiped down this morning. Once they’re dry, daughter will finish them up while I’m at the surgery center. Phew!

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