Start your day off right…with a visit to the E.R.!


I’ve been waking up with The Boy every night for the last week – he gets up to have a drink and take his pain meds, and I wake up just to make sure he’s doing okay – particularly to check that he’s not having serious post-op bleeding.

Six-ten days post-tonsillectomy is the most likely time for that kind of bleeding, and hurrah! We hit that milestone last night. This time when he got up at 3:30, he peeked into my bedroom to say, quite calmly, “I think I’m bleeding more than I should be.”

After phoning the on-call doctor (and, incidentally, forgetting that my phone is always on “do not disturb” overight and missing his return call, having to re-phone the answering service, and then getting another call from an annoyed on-call doctor – LIKE I DIDN’T FEEL BAD ENOUGH ALREADY!) we dashed to the ER of our preferred hospital.

It’s the second time in just over a year I’ve made that middle of the night run with a child, and I’m getting to be quite the scofflaw, running red lights with hardly a backward glance.

In the way-too-brightly-lit-for-4 am ER room, I got a great view of the suction apparatus they gave The Boy to keep him from having to swallow all that blood. What a treat. The doc there gave him several shots to numb his throat, and then cauterized the bleed. Bleh.

The Boy, as I would have predicted, was tough as nails. He reported “0-1” on the 1-10 pain scale througout, and sat through the procedure perfectly quietly with nary a squirm. True to form, he was simply fascinated by what was going on – asking quesitons about how things worked, and generally being his normal, interested-in-everything self. Thankfully, he’s off his opiate pain meds – had he still have been drugged up his natural exuberance would have been so heightened he’d have been a real pain in the ass.

So now we’re home, completely wiped out, on the last day of his oldest sister’s time at home. And all this, following seriously disturbing news on another front, which was enough by itself to make me want to curl up in a dark room for the duration.

So…in keeping with my resolution to look for positives, here are some things I’ve smiled about recently.

  • The ER doc’s funny comments about his twin boys and their pooping habits. I like a doctor who is a real person.
  • Playing Bananagrams with Oldest and adding in Middle Sister’s boyfriend to the game when he came over last night.
  • A video on FB of a husky (or malamute – not sure) puppy curling up on a shelf in a refrigerator. I’m a sucker for animal videos.

And now, the day begins…


7 thoughts on “Start your day off right…with a visit to the E.R.!

  1. Glad your son was stoic about it all, but not so stoic (or sleepy or drugged) that he couldn’t let you know there was a problem at 3:30. And very glad you were able to get it dealt with so efficiently. It doesn’t exactly count as a pleasant diversion from your upsetting news though. Good thing there are animal videos.

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