A brief fashion tutorial

Step 1: Decide to dress rather nicely, in an attempt to boost your mood. Put on a dear pink sweater you don’t wear often. Look in mirror. Immediately recoil in disgust as the sweater makes you look drab and shapeless. Think to self “What on earth possessed me to buy this piece of sacking? How did I ever let myself out in public looking like this?”

Step 2: Take off sweater and toss it on the bed, planning to burn it at a later time. Notice that sweater seems to have a v-neck, which was not apparent ten seconds previously while you were looking in the mirror.

Step 3: Put sweater on right-way-round.

Lesson: Drink more coffee tomorrow before attempting to get dressed.

I definitely did NOT look this good while wearing my sweater wrong-way-round.


7 thoughts on “A brief fashion tutorial

  1. hahaha! I was just telling my husband how many times in the past few weeks I have put my shirts on backwards and couldn’t figure out why. Now I know…it’s the lack of coffee 😀

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  2. So funny — but at least you realized the error before burning it! On very hot Sundays, I deliberately wear my scoop-neck sleeveless shirt backwards to church, because it’s the coolest shirt I own, and the scoop-neck (which is perfectly appropriate in casual situations) seems just a little low for church. But it is indeed a rare top that can go on backwards and look OK.

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