What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Story of my married life (and, I suspect, this is fairly common to most people with a life partner):

Partner #1: I think I would like to go see a movie this evening.

Partner #2, later in the day: I’m glad you said you didn’t want to see a movie this evening. I’m just not in the mood.


Partner A: I took care of that tax issue we were concerned about. I put all the paperwork in our tax file, but we don’t need to worry about it any more.

Partner B, later in the day: I need to take care of that tax issue, but I can’t find the paperwork.


Here’s my most recent puzzler, which took place last weekend and this week:

Partner X: I think I need to quit my new career, for which I spent almost a year in school/looking for a job/injured and waiting to return to work/investing a significant amount of $$$, because it’s causing too much stress.

Partner Y: I think I would like to throttle you and if I were a different person I would be starting divorce proceedings. Not joking.

Partner Y, six days later, after a week of worry and despair: We need to discuss this career thing some more, because we really cannot manage if you leave your current job.

Partner X:Ā What are you talking about? I decided I don’t want to quit, and I’m sure I told you that several days ago.

Stream of four-letter words issuing from the mouth of Partner Y (redacted).

So. All’s well that ends well. My relief is palpable. But…

Oh. My. God.


9 thoughts on “What we have here is a failure to communicate.

  1. Communication seems to suffer the longer we are married, doesn’t it? I’m not happy that you had to deal with all the anxiety, but I’m happy your husband didn’t quit his job.

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  2. You’re right, of course, about the X and Y. šŸ™‚
    Yes, last week was the pits, in more ways than one. I guess I can celebrate, though, because the crap in it is now pretty much resolved and this week will surely be better!


  3. I would probably have assigned “Partner X” and “Partner Y” the opposite way in the dialog, based on which chromosomes I suspect were involved. šŸ™‚

    Glad he finally told you he’d changed his mind, but what an anxious week that must have been!


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