Breathing a sigh of relief and holding my breath at the same time

Something I learned a long time ago: When you have three children, you’ll have something serious to worry about – and often something to celebrate – pretty much all the time. Someone will be in the midst of a big decision, a health problem, an emotional issue, a victory, an award or recognition – pretty much all the time. If it’s not one of the kids, it’s your partner or yourself. The trick is to carry all those ups and downs without either dropping something and watching it shatter OR straining yourself until you’re exhausted.

Today I’m sighing with relief on a couple of fronts.

Firstly, The Boy is finally starting to return to himself. Our adventure with severe bleeding and the Emergency Room set him back nearly a week in his recovery from tonsil surgery, but his pain is finally lessening. He’s finally backing off the pain meds that make him so weird. We’re hopeful he’ll be cleared for regular activity at his follow-up in a couple of days.


Second, The Husband put an end to his own empolyment anxiety and seems to be back on an even keel. After 27 years of dealing with his crises (that sounds a bit harsh, but it’s accurate) my sigh of relief on this one is extremely cautious. But I’ve got to take it at face value, hope for the best, and move on. Because…

Life continues, full steam ahead, and I’m holding my breath.

Today Middle Sister heads off for a few days for a shortened version of the leadership training I started in May. I’m sure it will really benefit her, and she’ll have a great deal to contribute. But, being a mom, I can’t help but worry just a bit because it’s her first trip out of town solo. She’s extremely intelligent and capable, but I know her well enough to know I’m likely to get a panicky phone call later this morning when she’s trying to navigate in a strange city. Guess what? Panicky phone calls from my 21-year-daughter are not tops on my list of great ways to start the week.

We’re still managing with only one bathroom. The renovation has been stalled for a week and a half, since Middle and I completed the priming and painting. Fingers crossed that The Boy will be cleared for normal activity this week, because a houseful of people lining up for one toilet is not optimal.

And – dare I say this too loudly? – I actually have a heaping pile of issues on my own plate. I’m juggling more projects at work all at once than ever before, with deadlines looming. Performance anxiety all over the place. Of course, with everything else going on in my world, work issues have been pushed to the back burner. They’ve got to come to the front now and be attended to, before they boil over and make a mess that can’t easily be cleaned up. Hah! Cooking analogy!

So…sighing with relief and holding my breath. Just like any other mom.

And trying not to suffocate while doing it.


8 thoughts on “Breathing a sigh of relief and holding my breath at the same time

  1. I wanted to ask you a question about your bathroom remodel. Did you say something about texturing the walls? We have an ongoing discussion about textured walls. Where we come from everybody had textured walls. All the houses we have been in and checked out before buying had smooth walls which show every imperfection–which drives me nuts by the way. Are textured walls something common in your area of the country?

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    • Well, every wall in our house has a light texture, which means that if we have to do a repair it’s impossible to match the old texture so the patch really stands out. Not good. I think most new construction around here is NOT textured walls, unless they’re very deliberately textured in an “artful” way. I am so incredibly thankful the new bathroom walls look fine without any texturing – every technique I researched looked like it would immediately be a complete disaster. There are a few places on the new walls where the surface has some issues, but not too many. And honestly, the room was so incredibly horrible before that even if it looked like crap now it would be 100% better than what we lived with for all those years. Most definitely good enough in my book!

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  2. Whoa….this made me laugh. This is what I needed. I think all moms go thru this every hour. Its a crazy life, with schedules and demands and meals to cook. Can we all just be happy with toast for dinner with wine for moms and milk for the kiddos. And for the hubbies, I think they can find their way to the fridge. Donchaknow.

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