Looking for smiles

It’s the end of what started out as a hellish week. Most of the hellish-ness has not really been resolved, but I guess I’m starting to sit down next to it and let myself get comfortable with it. Is that a good thing? Hmmmm…

Anyway, I’m back to needing to watch for things to smile for. 

One smile is coming tonight – this hyper-introvert is going “out” (meaning down the street and around the corner – it’s all relative) for a dinner and game night with a couple of friends. Friends I can laugh with, relax with, and speak the truth with. 

Another smile snuck up on me last night. Middle Sister, quite out of the blue, brought her Samantha doll downstairs to change her clothes and arrange her hair. Twenty-one years old, and this was her go-to activity for the evening. So sweet and peaceful and cozy. 

Much needed.



8 thoughts on “Looking for smiles

  1. I think it is awesome that you are looking for things to smile about instead of focusing on any negatives. I struggle with this myself and your post encouraged me (it also made me want an American Girls doll ) (:

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  2. Whoever said a girl has to grow up? 🙂 That actually looks like fun. I didn’t start playing with legos until I was in my 20’s (credit goes to my son) and had a blast with those little things.

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