“Would you rather…” – reader’s edition

SuzJones at It Goes On has shared a fun post that I just have to get in on, with “would you rather” questions about reading habits. Real life is too unpleasant right now to write about real stuff, so I’d much rather focus on my book life.

Here goes:

Overflowing-BookcasesWould you rather only read trilogies or only read stand-alones?

If I can expand the category of “trilogies” to “series,” my answer is definitely series. Once I find a cast of characters and a setting I love, it breaks my heart to say goodbye to them if they only exist in one book. I haven’t found many trilogies I actually like (in fact, there are several I truly hated, including the so-popular Twilight and Hunger Games series…my advice to those authors being “for God’s sake, get an editor!!!”) but my most favorite-est authors write long series about the same characters – pure joy.

Would you rather read only male or female authors?

That’s a tough one. Almost all of my favorite books are by women, and I tend to find books by men not my cup of tea. At the same time, one of my most beloved authors is a male. I’m looking at you, Alexander McCall Smith. So if I had to choose it would be very painful.

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Not a fan of B&N – prices are too high and it’s just not a happy atmosphere. Plus, as an introvert, online shopping and surprise packages on my doorstep make me VERY happy. Favorite bookstore: Half Price Books. It’s like going for a treasure hunt.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

Movies, generally. Though a lot of books made into movies (Ella Enchanted, cough cough) are complete losers, there are more good movie incarnations in my opinion than TV incarnations. Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Room With a View…

Would you rather read only five pages per day or five books per week?

Ha! Five books a week, for sure. Actually, I have done that…

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Definitely a librarian. They’re really immersed in books, literature, non-fiction, helping the public…booksellers are out for the bottom line.

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

I keep an e-book going on my phone at all times for emergencies like doctor visits when I’ve forgotten to carry a book. But for everyday reading, always a physical book. Need that sensory experience – including the various scents I associate with various favorite books.

What fun that was! Thanks, Suz, for giving me that opportunity.

“Go Set a Watchman” update: Harper Lee’s follow-up to “To Kill a Mockingbird” now rests, unopened, on my shelf next to its masterpiece sister. Middle Sister’s boyfriend, who is an English major and author/literature critiquer-extraordinaire, has given me his opinion, which has wavered back and forth. I think one day I will read it, but just now I need the cozy comfort of a well-loved classic. So I started re-reading the Harry Potters. Very much needed in a life that is currently overtaken by chaos.

Happy Sunday, and happy reading!

3 thoughts on ““Would you rather…” – reader’s edition

  1. What better way to escape the challenges that life throws at us. My book collection is not a series of classics. It consists of many how-to books, books with the subjects of wood, yarn, and history. I think I need to expand.

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  2. I have To Kill a Mockingbird sitting here waiting for me to read. Shocking I know, but I’ve never read it. I’m in two minds about Go Set. watchman due to the fact that it was never published by the author and left as a draft for a reason that only she knows. Not sure why it now comes to light.


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