Beat the clock!

I don’t know how I know this, but that’s the title of a very old game show, in which constestants were given a challenge to complete before the clock ticked down.

It’s also the theme of this week, the last week before my dearest, darling boy has to return to college – two weeks before most kids, as he’ll be a Resident Assistant this year and has to have two weeks of training. Not only am I mourning in advance, knowing he’ll be gone again for MONTHS, but that’s compounded by the fact that I have to be out of town for the next three days to complete the leadership training I started in May. And then there’s the fact that The Boy was not cleared to resume normal activities post-surgery until last Saturday, at which time we were still a VERY long way from completing the summer bathroom renovation project.

So, in trying to beat the clock, here’s what’s been happening around here in the last two days:

After spending the first 5 weeks of his summer break tearing the bathroom walls down to studs, putting up and mudding drywall, placing a new shower stall, and replacing all the wiring and plumbing, here’s trip # 352 to Home Depot, for the baseboard and trim.

Then: Caulking around the shower. He did a gorgeous job with this task, which means I’ll be tapping him to replace the crappy caulking around the upstairs bathtub come Christmas break.

Next: Removing the ugly sheet vinyl, which was put in right before we bought the house 27 years ago. Guess what kind of tile is underneath? Yes, you got it in one – asbestos! The non-friable kind, which meant we were allowed to remove broken bits and dispose of them ourselves, with special precautions.

Then, preparing the surface (a three-step process, if you don’t count removing the sheet vinyl) so that new tile can be placed:

Last night: laying new tile – peel and stick, for economy of time and pocketbook at this late stage.

Today is earmarked for cutting and placing trim around the floor, door, and window (which I won’t be able to paint for a couple of weeks, when I might have a “free” day). Then, ASAP – it’s a race to install the toilet, sink cabinet and faucet, and wall fittings. Because Friday has to be reserved for getting his college stuff out of the crawl space where it’s been stored for the summer, loading it into his Jeep and my SUV, and shopping for last-minute dorm items.

And then on Saturday, it’s good-bye to our youngest. Certainly no longer a baby in reality – I mean, look what he’s accomplished in the last eight weeks! – but always my baby.

Preparing for the tears to flow.  


4 thoughts on “Beat the clock!

  1. That’s quite the punch list for him to finish up before he goes — hope it all continues to go as smoothly as your pictures make it seem. And good luck with Saturday. I am in complete denial about how hard it must be to say goodbye to a kid going off to college.

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    • Denial is probably a good thing in this case – no use being sad before you have to actually go there. As far as the punch list, he got more than half of it knocked out today. I’m in shock. And the photos he’s sending me (along with a video of the toilet flushing) look awesome!


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