Growing new bones. 

They say time heals all wounds, right? Well, time and circumstances are doing a fairly decent job of putting things back together in my world. It hasn’t been easy – I think I might know how Harry Potter felt the night he spent in the infirmary drinking Skele-gro and having his arm re-boned (yes, I’m re-reading the whole series). But improvement has been rapid.

Separation and change of both environment and perspective have a lot to do with this recent healing. 

The Husband (whose new career has just come to an abrupt end) went on a business trip with my step father, giving me some much-needed breathing room and allowing me to stop wanting to slap him every time he walked into my line of vision. 

I left town to continue my work at Kansas Leadership Center, offering me a change of focus, time to think new and very big thoughts, learn new skills, and spend time with others who are doing the same. The work I’ve been doing is absolutely draining, and yet entirely energizing. I’m learning new ways of thinking and gaining professional skills. Just as the bones grew quickly and brought Harry’s arm back to life, I’m growing a new life-giving framework. Cool stuff.

At the same time, I’ve been staying in close touch with all that’s going on at home. There have been many tasks to keep up with for work (thank goodness for decent internet service in our hotel and conference building). Phone conversations with The Husband as he keeps me updated about his new career plans. And constant photos and news flashes about the progress on the final stages of the bathroom project:


Trim installed.


The mirror was just a smidgen too big, requiring some comporomise and modification.

Everything’s functional and The Boy took the first shower last night. The only thing left is to place all the towel bars and decorative accents, which we’ll do when I get home this evening. So proud of our son, and so thankful he enjoyed taking on this job.

So today we finish up at KLC, and I go home to big changes in our physical space, big changes in our everyday home life, and big changes in the way I approach my work.

Growing new bones. 


4 thoughts on “Growing new bones. 

  1. That bathroom looks phenomenal, like a high-end spa! What a great job your son did.

    Good luck with the simultaneous tasks of stretching yourself for work, and coping with your husband’s changes in plans. I’m guessing that either would be challenging enough by itself, never mind simultaneously.

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    • Definitely. One great thing about all this change, I think, will be that it can’t help from distract me just a bit from how very lonely the house is going to seem with our son gone. Sigh.

      Glad you like the bathroom. I’m considering moving in there permanently…if I can find a way to wedge a bed in there. It’s that gorgeous..


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