Project completed. Moving on.

Well, today we move my littlest (and tallest) darling back to his dorm, where he’ll spend the next couple of weeks in training for his new job as a Resident Assistant. I feel like I should call the folks at the Resident Hall Services and prepare them to have their socks knocked off. Because this kid is on fire.

He’s been working like crazy all week, and we have a gorgeous new bathroom to prove it:


This fun print cleverly covers up the access panel The Boy put in, in case of future plumbing emergencies. There’s another one in the ceiling just above, framed nicely with molding trim, in case of emergencies involvin the upstairs bathroom plumbing. Best to plan for every contingency when you have the chance.


Yesterday was meant to be the day when we put up the finishing touches, the towel bars. So, after I’d gotten up early to mow before the heat index reached 110 (seriously, it’s miserable around here), we got out the towel bars we’d bought at Ikea a few weeks ago. Well, we thought they were towel bars. They turned out to be drawer pulls/cabinet handles.

So, there was a diversion to IKEA, trying to dash in and out as quickly as possible without mowing down all the people who were enjoying a liesurely stroll through the arrow-directed path. Return desk! Upstairs for actual towel bars! Downstairs for a few decorative items! Checkout and run!

The rest of the day continued in high gear. Grocery shopping (there was NO MILK in the fridge when I got up yesterday morning – crisis of Biblical proportions!), getting all his dorm stuff out of storage, making sure all his clothes were washed and ready to pack. run to Target for a few last-minute toiletries, dinner, and baking his favorite treat to take with him. These are our version of whoopie pies – chocloate-chocolate chip cookies with homemade butter cream frosting in the middle.

It’s the first time I’ve made them for him all summer. It felt good to do something special for my boy to send him off.

It’s a good thing we were so busy all day long (otherwise I would have been weepy every few minutes), and I’m thrilled that I spent most of the day with him.

Because I’m going to miss him like crazy.


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