This summer is brought to you by Rogaine.

It’s only just the end of July, and yet for me summer is over.

With heat indices in the 110 range every day for the last week and the forecast showing more of the same., we’re clearly smack in the middle of the season. But for me, it’s pretty much done.

My summer is suffering premature balding.


I’d say, metaphorically speaking, that this summer is at about stage VI of this illustration.

In my mind, summer still means kids home, swimming, a camping trip, playing games, hanging out with the ones I love most.

Instead, our youngest has already left again for his college. With his new responsibilities in the dorm we likely won’t see him again for several months.

Oldest had a super-fast trip home weeks ago (one which was tarnished with some seriously bad news from another family member AND my preoccupation with her brother’s health after his trip to the ER), but that was all we saw of her.

Middle is struggling again with issues related to her digestive problems and the emotional challenges tied up with all that. And she’ll be back into a school schedule in under two weeks, as she digs into her “professional year” before being certified as a teacher.

I’m so wrapped up in projects, new ventures, and major re-adjustments at work (all VERY good stuff) that I’m working more in these “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” than ever before in my 11 years there.

Yeah, I know. This is life. Kids grow up. Stuff happens. Quit whining and be thankful for what you have.

I get all that. And I am very thankful. But I would also like to buy out all the Rogaine I can get my hands on and apply it to this prematurely balding summer. Turn back the clock and have those long, joyful days with my three funny, fascinating, brilliant children back again.

Anybody got a coupon for that?


4 thoughts on “This summer is brought to you by Rogaine.

  1. Just seems wrong that the school year has to start so early for big kids who are so independent and such pleasant company, and yet it starts so late for younger kids whose parents are juggling several different camps/activities/visits to relatives/etc in order to have enough childcare.

    I hope you get a break in the heat, at least. Won’t help much with the balding though.

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    • That does seem backwards, doesn’t it? Thankfully this week I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly noticed the bald patches. But the weekend may be a different story.


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