What do parents want to talk about?

I need help from fellow blogging parents!

I’m working on a gathering for parents at our church to take place this fall. NOT a class – lecture-style stuff doesn’t go over well with that demographic in our congregation.

It might look something like this, but there won't be a computer screen in the background.

It might look something like this, but there won’t be a computer screen in the background.

Rather, it will be a discussion group, with general weekly topics (and coffee and something delicious to eat – I’m not above bribery). I’ll be planning, advertising, and facilitating, but each week the conversation will be free to go wherever the parents attending need or want for it to go.

So here’s where I need help from my blog mommy friends…

If you were to attend such a gathering, what are some topics you would want to discuss with other moms and dads who are in the same stage of life as you? Discipline? Screen time? Sibling rivalry?

Please, share your thoughts!

13 thoughts on “What do parents want to talk about?

  1. Sometimes, and this is just sometimes, I don’t want to talk about my kids. Enough talking about milestones, types of discipline, and so forth. Sometimes -as a busy mom- I’d like to talk about other things. What movies have you watched and enjoyed? What books have you read lately? What did you and your husband do for the weekend without the kids?

    That’s my two cents worth of a thought. 🙂

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  2. Oh, one more idea — parenting in the sandwich generation. Could cover the logistical challenges of caring for small children and elders simultaneously, but also the emotional challenges of helping children cope when grandparents are sick/dying/becoming senile/behaving irrationally/etc, especially when parents are struggling to cope with this emotionally too.

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  3. My church’s youth group leader organized something like this. Topics they covered were dealing with kids’ online presence/activities, dating, and home-based ways to keep kids engaged spiritually. Supposedly it was a big hit. (I didn’t actually go — my son was 3-6 years older than the other kids in youth group, so at a different enough stage for the parents not to feel quite like my peers.)

    If you want a session geared specifically to parents of older teens, then something that addresses dating, driving, and curfews could go over well.

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  4. I’d say discipline is always something I could use advice on, as well as tips on potty training, getting kids to brush their teeth without melting into tears and the concepts of co-sleeping vs having a baby’s room

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