Mild-mannered mom blogger by day, but by night…

Don’t know if you knew this…but I have a sort of hidden identity.

Most of the time I wear my “Mom Goes On” blogger superhero costume. It’s a lot of fun chronicling the daily life of a mom dealing with an empty-ing nest.

But blogging, for me, started with “Depression’s Collateral Damage,” a site I share with my good friend, neighbor, and co-author, Bernadette Stankard.

See, for most of the last 30 years I’ve dealt with the #%@! that comes along with being married to a person who has depression. Actually, we have anxiety, panic, and adult ADHD thrown into the mix, as well – with a liberal sprinkling of OCD tendencies. Really NOT fun and games.

And then, one day, about 15 years ago, some cosmic influence introduced me to Bernadette. It didn’t take long for us to discover that we had something big in common – her husband struggled with long-term, serious depression as well.

We ended up publishing two books together, basically on the subject of “how in hell do you survive living with a depressed spouse?” Because it turned out there were a lot of books and articles out there about helping a depressed person – but pretty much nothing about helping those who live with and care for depressed people. And I’m here to tell you it’s not easy. We caregivers need all the help we can get.

So…that brings us to an invitation I have for you. Because I know that WAY too many people are in the situation we’re in. The problem is that too many people are afraid to talk about it. If you’re in the same boat we are in, please join us for our “Kick Depression Party!” Details below.

It takes a village to kick depression.

Come to the Party!

On-Line Kick Depression Party

suggested by our readers.

Open to anyone who has or has lived with someone with depression.

Let’s celebrate by sharing with one another the good stuff that has happened to us.

Let’s celebrate the times we have kicked depression,

even if it is just a tiny glimpse of the good life.

When: August 15th

Where: Depression’s Collateral Damage Blog at

What’s taking place:   A sharing of all the positive times that depression has disappeared, whether for a moment or for a length of time.

Write a comment on what happened or any thoughts you have about kicking depression.

Send it to before August 10th

We will post them on August 15th.

And please, between now and then,

pass this onto your friends

on facebook, tumblr, twitter,or those in your address book or any other place.

We want this party to reach people

so they will all know that depression can be overcome in some way, shape or form.

And together we can kick depression.

Let’s get that support going and growing.

Let’s beat the stigma.

Come, kick depression with us.


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