High comedy.

A stunning display of irony – –

Today, Thursday, August 6, is both:

  • Our neighborhood’s trash night  AND
  • the night of the first GOP “debate,” to be shown on Fox “News.”

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…can’t wait.

On another front – in the realm of “idiocy from my home state of Kansas” – –

Yesterday our Middle attended “convocation” for the school district in which she’ll be doing her professional year of studies before becoming a teacher – Kansas City, Kansas. (FYI, many people don’t realize that there are two cities named Kansas City. The one you’re thinking of – as in the Kansas City Chiefs – is Kansas City, Missouri.)

In my opinion, any publicly-funded entity that kicks off its year with something called a “convocation” is pretty suspect. There’s a whiff of crossing the boundaries between church and state there. But that’s pretty much par for the course in most of Kansas. Thankfully the suburban school districts in the area where we live are way too professional to pull that crap.They have their own time-wasting and money-wasting opening day meetings for returning teachers, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, Middle took a photo of a doorway in the Kansas City, Kansas building in which this convocation was held. And sent it to me with withering sarcasm.

Yes, that is indeed a sickening apostrophe error on a city building.

And more from our glorious, laughing-stock-of-the-entire-nation state – –

A former Democratic governor of Kansas (yes, we actually used to have those) is pushing for an investigation of likely voter fraud in the second largest county in the state during the last election, in which our #$%!-for-brains governor, Sam Brownback, was re-elected. The story is that significant numbers of credible witnesses – largely registered Republicans – report that the electronic voting machines they used in that election automatically changed their intended vote for the Democratic candidate for governor. Had they not caught this “error” when they reached the screen that allows you to double-check your slate, their vote would have been changed to read “Brownback” against their will.

Hmmmm…and here we all were, wondering how on earth Brownback got re-elected…

Strangely enough, our Republican state attorney general Kris Kobach (who leads the national drive to stamp out non-existent voter fraud) has no interest in investigating this allegation. Well, of course not! Kobach’s only interest is in preventing minorities from voting.

Yup. High comedy.


9 thoughts on “High comedy.

  1. If your daughter ever accompanies the kids on a field trip, she should award brownie points for every grammatical error the kids can find on public buildings. (I’m assuming “professional year” is what used to be called “student teaching.”)

    And electronic voting holds a whole lot more potential for voter fraud than anything individual voters could do. Phooey on Kobach.

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    • I love that idea! Her professional year includes a semester of observing with one teacher (while also taking a fairly heavy load of classes, though they are education classes which are a total blow-off), and then a semester of teaching in that same class.
      Phooey on Kobach is right. I have inside information that he is actually EXTREMELY racist, so I suspect that’s absolutely where his motivation in preventing minorities from voting lies.


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