Too much weird.

Weird #1: Spotted on the way home yesterday: A taxi pulled to the side of the road, with an Elvis impersonator standing at the back, rooting through the trunk. White jumpsuit, huge black wig, the whole nine yards. What the? Who? Why?

Weird #2: Today started with being jolted awake by a 3:30 AM phone call from Middle.

When her class got out at 10:00 last night, she stayed over at her boyfriend’s place – he lives three minutes from campus, much better than the 30 minute drive home. She had woken up extremely ill (the ongoing stomach issues struck again). She wanted to come home but was too sick to drive. Boyfriend was driving her home, and I needed to wake up The Husband to drive back with boyfriend to pick up her car (thank goodness Husband is the go-to guy for that kind of crap). Even though I was mostly out of the loop after the phone call, I got just about zero minutes more of sleep last night.

Weird #3: On the way to work this morning I passed, in our very quiet, attractive suburban neighborhood, three police cars with flashing lights and a guy very calmly being handcuffed. Again: What the? Who? Why?

Weird #4: Not only did the home router go to the big wireless graveyard in the sky last night, but the wireless and internet at work is now taking a dive. Even though my office laptop is plugged with an ethernet cable, all is not well. No matter what website I go to, the first attempt results in “Page Not Found.” On the second attempt the page I’m looking for loads, slowly.

Weird #5: I broke my recent “coffee vacation” this morning knowing I’d need a heavy caffeine dose to get through the day, but even so I have a killer headache. I’m so
“off” today I’d be a lot more productive curled up in a darkened room.

It’s now 12:35 PM. Signing off, folks.


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