More shopping, less labor.

Today, on Labor Day, our family will celebrate the day, 22 years ago, when I actually did labor. It’s Middle Sister’s birthday. In celebration of the Labor Day weekend and of the birthday, we’ve been on some fun shopping excursions in the last couple of days.

Friday: Shoe shopping, which netted me an awesome new pair of boots (surely one day fall will actually arrive) and her a sweet pair of crocheted slip-ons.

Saturday: a little clothes shopping, where I picked up a pair of yoga pants that are cute and wonderfully comfy, though much too long in the leg for anyone besides Barbie. Middle found a few end-of-summer deals on tank tops.

Sunday: A trip to the new Container Store near us, which she’s been anticipating for weeks. It’s close enough we could have gone any time, but she wanted to save it for her birthday. Yes, she’s inherited my nerdy love of organizational storage systems. Browsing the aisles we salivated over pull-out shelf organizers, cunning garbage cans, and dear little travel-sized containers. The only purchase we made (an early birthday present) was pourable storage containers for the many grains she keeps on hand for baking. But the most entertaining moment was trying out these ridiculous – and ridiculously expensive – plastic chairs in an odd little sit-dance. They’re meant to keep you moving while you sit, working your core. Husband said they were much like seating sometimes used for the special needs kids he’s worked with.

Today, on the actual birthday/Labor Day we’ve a number of mundane chores to deal with, as well as a scheduled FaceTime with her sister.  The day will end with a gathering of friends and family to appreciate the birthday girl and the 22 fasicnating, quirky, fun years we’ve enjoyed with her.

Twenty-two years ago we were hanging around in a delivery room, having my first vaginal delivery induced. It was a long, stressful day, punctuated by a snarky, pain in the ass anesthesiologist who took his sweet time getting to me and my much-needed epidural. I’d have smacked his smarmy face, except for the fact that even the slightest motion of my toes resulted in excruciating pain.

This Labor Day will definitely be a much easier and more pleasant type of labor. Happy birthday to my second baby!


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