Not really a peeping tom. Really.

It hit me just yesterday what it is I enjoy so much about the blogging world. I mean, it’s a bit like having  number of pen friends around the world, and that’s great fun.

But what really appeals to me about this blogging thing is the chance to get a glimpse into other peoples’ lives. Their hobbies, passsions, and quirks. Photos of the fascinating places they live, which I’m unlikely ever to visit. People and places that are vastly different from me and my place…and yet something in what I’m reading strikes a chord with me. Our lives and experiences can be very different, and yet we find common ground.  Mums in London, Italy, Ireland. Amateur (but fabulous) photographers from Australia. Tattooed mommies in Thailand. Friends with more familiar lives, right here in the U.S. Young singles in Germany. They’re fascinating, and I adore them all.

I’ve always been something of a voyeur, I suppose. Here’s a commonly repeated conversation around our dinner table, usually held during the winter months – when it’s pitch black outside by the time we sit down to eat:

Me: Ugh! People are watching us eat! This is the only time of year when I wish we had sheers on the picture windows so people couldn’t see in.

Husband or offspring: What makes you think people driving by our house are looking in to see us eat? Why would they do that?

Me: Because that’s what I do! I always look in people’s windows after dark! It’s so interesting to see what they’re doing and what their living rooms look like! I mean, who doesn’t do that?

Husband or offspring: Uhhh…normal people who mind their own business?

And so, as a person who is apparently not normal and is unable to mind her own business, I’m taking today to thank all my friends in the blogging world to allow me (and everyone else) a peep into their “living room window.”

You’re awesome. And I love that artwork you’ve hung over the fireplace.


12 thoughts on “Not really a peeping tom. Really.

  1. Great post. I’m new to blogging but was thinking on the way home today how weird and interesting it is to be able to see inside people’s lives like this. Somehow feels much more immediate than the stylised polished versions of reality you get on, say, facebook.

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