The Husband sent me this photo yesterday of a situation he witnessed at a rural gas station on his drive home from work yesterday. He captioned it: “Let’s play a game of Spot the Stupid.”  

Natural selection, at work for you in the great backwards state of Kansas.

You’re welcome.



8 thoughts on “Boom!

    • East of Topeka, in Perry. Surely this guy is not related to you…And BTW you have my deepest sympathies for having relatives in Kansas. I hope they’re not close enough that you have to spend any time here. 😉

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      • Haha! That’s a relief- def not my family that I know of anyway. Thanks to social media I don’t have to visit Kansas as much. Most of my closest relatives – Dad, bro, and grandparents are in the southwest corner of KS but there is a wedding in a month in Topeka I’m still trying to decide on.


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