I am not a Skype kitten.

Last time I used Skype was about six years ago. It wasn’t pretty.

Our only laptop at that time was a Dell that ran Vista (yes, that was indeed the worst tech purchase ever in the history of our household). Vista couldn’t handle email properly, let alone a video chat program. The one and only chat I ever had (with our Oldest, who had recently moved 10 hours away for college) was a disaster. No matter what I did, this is how I showed up on her screen:

Not this exact kitty, but something very similar.

Not this exact kitty, but something very similar.

After that experience, we soon discovered that Skype running constantly in the background was dragging our processing speed down to super slo-mo. We deleted the program and tried to forget the whole miserable experience.

So when I had to download Skype onto my new-ish laptop yesterday in order to do an overseas conversation with my sister in Ireland, I crossed all my fingers and toes that I would appear as myself. Or at least as a human avatar.

The download process was not exactly smooth. Having been using the easy-peasy FaceTime for chats in the last few years with our distant college kids, I was near tears trying to get Skype functional. I admit, I’m under a lot of stress and tears have been near the surface much of the time for the last couple of days. But it wasn’t just me. I am convinced that the program is designed to drive naive folks to think their only option is to use a paid Skype calling plan. After 40 minutes of fiddling around, and with some help from Middle, I finally got my account ready, created the necessary contacts, and did a successful, free test chat.

It was a nice sense of accomplishment. I have to say, though, I looked better on-screen as a kitten.


8 thoughts on “I am not a Skype kitten.

  1. My daughter and I are using Google chat. I don’t know how, but I actually reached her. Facetime is the best but she switched from an iPhone to something else. It was good to see her face even frozen.

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  2. Glad you got it to work! Too bad Skype can’t combine reality with an appropriate avatar — having your stressed-face in the middle of your frizzed-out hamster image below could bring some much-needed comic relief to the most stressful of talks.

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