Focusing on Fall. 

After being squeezed through the emotional wringer yesterday (and for those of you following the continuing saga, we made progress with my dad but it was very awkward and uncomfortable, and I expect toxic fallout) today I vow to forget yesterday’s trials and intentionally enjoy the appearance of my favorite season. Hurray for normal life!

Day after tomorrow comes an event always marked in giant red letters and lots of exclamation points on our home calendar: the town Fall Festival. A community parade, huge arts and crafts show, food vendors, farmer’s market, live music. Happy, fun, and NORMAL. My mom is coming into town, and together with Middle we’ll make a glorious day of it. Poor Husband has to take his aging mother to her 749th high school reunion in the southeast corner of the state, though, and we’ll miss his company.

In honor of the season and the upcoming festival, Middle and I did a little decorating.


We’re especially pleased with this one, as it used some old items we had stored away, as well as some of the mason jars we gave Pinterest-loving Middle for her birthday.

Let the season (and the emotional recovery) begin!


10 thoughts on “Focusing on Fall. 

  1. LOL at the 749th high school reunion! I hope the rest of you have a great time at the festival, and that the decorating was a good distraction from all the hard emotional/logistical stuff.

    Your top decoration looks a lot like my neighbor’s new puppy. Trust me, it looks better as decor than as a dog. 🙂

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