I’m going on a trip…

Ever played that game? Everybody sits in a circle. The first person says, “I’m going on a trip, and I’m taking pickled pig’s feet, (or whatever pops into their head).” The person next to him makes up her own item to take, but also has to say whatever the person before was taking, as well. “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking a toothbrush (obviously this player is much more sensible) and pickled pig’s feet.” By the time you get around the circle it’s like an even longer and more bizarre version of the last verse of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Well, in two days I’m going on a trip. First to Baltimore to spend five days with my mom, The Husband, and most especially our darling Oldest. When we come home, I breathe for a day and then pack my bags to leave again for three days of another dose of awesome leadership training in The Boy’s university town. Leaving aside the fact that this much time away from my beloved, cozy home is likely to create serious anxiety and repeated sleepless nights, AND leaving aside the fact that planning ahead for being away from work for 9 days is WAY more work than actually being at work, I’m thrilled about these two trips. 

So….here’s my version of the game. I’m going on a trip, and I’m taking…

•Achy, arthritic hands because I keep crocheting on the children’s blankets I’m making for a local charity. Really, I’ve got to stop. Or at least switch to knitting.

•Achy, sore everything else because I went for a walk before sunrise yesterday, rolled my ankle off the edge of a sidewalk, and pitched forward onto the cement. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

•Copious amounts of anti-inflamatories for the aches and Benedryl for the sleepless nights. 

•Lingering concern over my father and his living situation, even though I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s very little I can do about it. 

•Worry for our dear, sweet Middle, who is struggling with several issues lately. Leaving her on her own for a week – even though she’s 22 years old and extremely mature and competent – will be a wrench.

•My iPad, so I can keep in touch with the people who are covering for me at work, with the people I’m missing while I’m with another person I usually miss, and with my blog.

•Freshly colored hair. Because vanity.

•Freshly done pink-and-white nails. Because <see above>.

•Clothes and underwear and stuff. 

Wonder what I’m forgetting…



5 thoughts on “I’m going on a trip…

  1. I love this. Such a fun and witty way to pack. 🙂 My mom struggled with a similar situation with her dad (my grandfather)… he was ill with terminal cancer and my mothers step-mother (a complete hose-beast… nicest way to say it really), would withhold his pain meds because they were too expensive. Not a nice lady, and now she is alone and lonely. So there to her, I guess. I am hoping that your situation with your dad is better than that… :-/

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