Firing on all cylinders.

With nine days out of the office looming, I had to kick everything into high gear this week, trying to cram two weeks’ worth of work and work prep into three days. As a rabid to-do list addict, I was knocking things off my lists at the speed of light. And adding more things and knocking them off, too.

Up at 5:30 am to download boarding passes and register flight info with the rental car company? Yup.

Supper in the Crock Pot so the people arriving home at different times this evening will all have a decent, hot meal? You bet.

Prepare gourmet snacks for a hospitality station this evening, before the first meeting of the day? Check.

Two extra meetings on my last day in the office? Got it covered. Rocking the leadership thing at every turn.

Oooh – almost didn’t think of this one: Prepare a marquee display AND a presentation that I’ll have to have ready to go the day I get back into the office? Done.

Last-minute effort to turn around a ship at work that’s been as disastrous as the Titanic for the last ten years, with only half an hour to spare before I really HAVE to go home and pack? I’ve got this.

And home to pack, using the checklist I prepared over the weekend when I had a minute to sit down and breathe and think. Quick meal, and back out the door to put in one more hour at work and cover just a few more bases.

Only one obnoxious glitch yesterday, which resulted in a tip I can pass along…While picking out jewelry to match each outfit you’re packing for a trip (yes, it’s pure vanity), make every effort NOT to knock the very full jewelry box onto the floor, scattering 100 minuscule, sparkly items throughout the dust bunnies that have collected in the bedroom since the last time you remembered to run the Swiffer around.

I was moving so fast I could have used some of these fire retardant shorts.

Today it’s off to the airport, in the dark and cool of the autumn morning. I did all the work I possibly could to get ready. Now the fun begins.


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