Good morning, Baltimore! 

My mom, The Husband and I arrived yesterday morning to a chilly, rainy Baltimore – thank you, Hurricane Juaquin, for bringing us autumn weather.

Hijinks on the plane

We made our way to Oldest’s fruit fly lab at Hopkins, where we toured the interesting sights and smells of her daily work.

Incubated fruit flies and their food have a distinctively odd odor.

We stopped at a fun diner in her neighborhood for lunch – tons of choices for vegan foodies like Middle, who sadly couldn’t be with us on this trip.

Every menu was backed by an old vinyl LP cover. Fun!

Then a grocery run, during which I managed to slam three of my mother’s fingers into the door of the rental car. Deep sorrow and guilt. We were thankful for the kindness of the guy at the fish counter, who gave us a large bag of ice. And my mom was a real sport – very little complaining and no tears. I, on the other, hand, was a wreck.

All day long The Husband was having inner ear problems, probably compounded by the flight. He was headachy, off-balance, and confused most of the day. Which made him cranky and nit-picky. Which came out in his running commentary as I was driving – perfectly competently – around Baltimore. “You just passed up three diffferent parking spaces.” “I don’t think you’re close enough to the curb.” “Is this really the best way to go? I always check every possible route because the GPS will send you through stop lights.” “Do you really want to park here and walk all that way to the diner?” (We were less than a block away). “I don’t know why you can’t just listen to me and do what I say.” (Maybe becase you are currently frigging INSANE?!?)

Today we board the train to D.C. to see monuments, memorials, and museums – thankfully on a “hop-on-hop-off” bus, since we’ve got more rain and a predicted high of 55.

Leaving aside the marital strife and the indavertent elder abuse, we’re having a great time. Really!


3 thoughts on “Good morning, Baltimore! 

  1. Is it wrong to wonder whether a good whack upside your husband’s head could have been administered by saying it would fix his inner ear problem? 😀 Anyway, glad the Baltimore part of your visit went well, and you got to see some of what your daughter’s daily life involves.

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