A day in D.C. 

Yesterday was our day in the nation’s capital. Hate the politics, but I love the history, the architecture, and the diverse people. It’s a joy to chat with strangers from different lands and different perspectives. And it’s just as much of a joy, for a brief, shining moment, to get the hell out of the insular, white bread, homogenous state of Kansas. Here on the east coast there’s a good possibility that I could look as far as the eye can see and not run across a super-conservative, right-wing bible thumper. Heavenly.

Our day in pictures:

On a police call booth, outside Penn Station in Baltimore. Beautiful AND powerful.

The first stop we took on the circuit bus. Last time I was in DC we wore ourselves out walking everywhere and didn’t make it to this beautiful monument. I seriously teared up on seeing Lincoln’s statue yesterday.


On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, marking where Dr. King made his earth-shattering speech. Standing in this spot was awe-inspiring.


We only had time for one Smithsonian museum, so we did American History, even though Oldst and I had been before. This exhibit, a reminder of the Civil Rights struggle, gave me chills.

It was a wet, cold, blustery day. We were chilled and soaking wet. There were some arguments and a little snapping back and forth (between The Husband and myself – we truly should NOT travel together). Actually, a lot of snapping. But it was all worth it. 

This morning we head to historic Philadelphia and Independence Hall on another cold, wet day. We go armed with new umbrellas (ours were all turned inside out and rendered useless in D.C.). And when the arguments and snapping die down, we do actually enjoy each other’s company. 

Looking forward to making new memories today.


2 thoughts on “A day in D.C. 

  1. Glad you had a day full of high points! DC is probably my favorite city to visit, because there’s so much to see that is deeply meaningful. Good luck staying dry (or at least dry-ish) today.

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