Our day in PA.

There is some awesome history to experience in Philadelphia. I learned quite a bit about the founding of our nation. Another thing I learned: I am severely challenged in the art of making “touchless” faucets  – favored by every single public restroom I’ve visited on this trip – actually yield water. Seriously. I think my hands may be invisible.


One of the first copies of the Declaration – the one that was read to the crowds gathered outside Independence Hall right after ratification.

This is a building we didn’t visit when we were in Philly last year. Insert snarky comment about Congress here.

The first Senate chamber, in Congress Hall.

Let’s play “Spot the apostrophe abuse!” in this letter written by Jefferson. Our very observing eldest discovered this error for us. Hint: it’s in line seven.

After all the awe-inspiring history, we made our way back to Baltimore and the neighborhood of Hampden for supper at a local favorite, Cafe Hon. Their roast beef with mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, and gravy made for a warm and homey meal. Then we looked up and spotted this:

Comment by Oldest: “New, from Matell! It’s My First Pope!” I nearly snorted gravy out my nose. Wow, do I miss having this kid around.

Last stop of the day was to a neighborhood ice cream joint that specializes in outrageously delicious flavors, and I had to try this one. Old Bay is the east coast’s favorite seafood seasoning. Caramel ice cream with a kick to it. Excellent!

Today we’ve got a much more low-key, kicked-back day planned. Time to rest and simply enjoy hanging out together. Sounds perfect.

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