Hanging out in “Charm City.”

Our Sunday in Baltimore started early, with a run to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and Boston Creams. Something I try not to make a habit of, but hey – it’s a vacation, right?

Later in the morning we walked around the corner to Oldest’s little church. A beautiful, old stone building, we were part of a congregation of 20. I so rarely get to attend church anywhere but in the congregation in which I work, this was a real treat. Informal, welcoming, and family-style. In fact, the one family with children had three adorable kids under the age of five, and they were an important part of the scene – playing and coloring, wandering around, interjecting cute comments, and sitting on the pastor’s lap. Didn’t hurt, either, that the topic of the bible study today (which took the place of a sermon) veered toward equality for women and LGBTQ rights. Loved every minute of it.

Oldest was the substitute accompanist. Here she’s seen rehearsing before worship, with the full choir.

Next we headed to the inner harbor for lunch at Nick’s Fish Shack, in which crab featured heavily.

After lunch, next to the harbor.

Throughout the day I got text updates from Middle (out shopping with her younger cousin for a Homecoming dress) and The Boy…who was about to go up for the first time, on the third week of his flight lessons. Being in touch with the two other most important people in my life was the next best thing to having all of us together. Sigh…have to wait until Christmas for that.

Grinning from ear to ear. I so wish I could have been there.

It felt great to simply hang around the house all afternoon on Sunday. We played cards and Banagrams, goofed off, and baked cookies. Oldest looked up a recipe from a website titled “A Pinch of Yum,” which was so twee it kind of gave me a “hint of hurl.” At least the cookies turned out okay.

It did my mama heart good to cook supper with her – a big pot of chicken noodle soup so that she’ll have leftover comfort food for a few days to remind her of us.

And now we’re on our way back to real life.


6 thoughts on “Hanging out in “Charm City.”

  1. Glad you had such a nice homey end to your visit! And there’s such a special/different feel to worshipping in a tiny church setting. I’m glad you got to share that with your daughter. (And they must be glad you raised such a musical daughter!)

    Nice to see Fly-Boy looking so happy with his new pursuit, too.

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