Each in their own way, our three kids made my day for me yesterday.

1. Oldest sent her sister a souvenir from a recent trip to Hawaii. She chose well, knowing that this kind of cute and compact reusable bag had been a coveted item for some time. What she didn’t realize was that there was wording on said bag that would appeal to my stupid sense of humor.

My first thought when I saw what this bag was made of was “Dear God, no!!! How could they do this to Lassie?!” Second thought: Whoever thought that PET was an appropriate abbreviation for the phrase “post-consumer recycled plastic bottles” has a dark sense of humor.

2. No photos of this one (you’ll thank me in a moment), but Middle saved the day with her unbounded heroism first thing yesterday morning. As we stepped onto the driveway to leave the house, we were halted by a flat-on-its-back chipmunk bearing distinct evidence of cat-chew. My daughter calmly donned a neoprine glove, retreived a plastic shopping bag, and removed the carcass to the outdoor trash bin. My hero.

3. In the course of casual texting with The Boy last evening, I received a lovely surprise. His fall break is this weekend plus next Monday and Tuesday, and he’ll be on his way home after his flying lesson on Sunday. I had forgotten fall break was even a thing – neither of his sisters’ colleges have/had one. Does this mean I’m becoming hardened to the absence of our baby? That seems a little weird. At any rate, I’m thrilled.

Good things come in threes!


8 thoughts on “Trifecta. 

  1. That bag is so funny! “PET” is actually an acronym for polyethylene terephthalate. Usually on recyclables it goes by the alternative acronym PETE and sometimes appears in teeny letters under the #1 recycling symbol. So evidently someone thought “100% recycled PETE” looked even worse than doing in poor Lassie? Bizarre!

    Always good to have someone else in the family willing to deal with critter corpses.

    Enjoy your visit with my son! Mine opted not to come home for fall break, since it’s also homecoming/alumni weekend with all kinds of fun special events on campus.


  2. haha! That’s the first thing that ran through my mind about pet. Good for your daughter, I’m afraid the little critter would have stayed there until my husband came home. Happy to hear you son is coming home. Just think, Thanksgiving is right around the corner too!


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