For the last couple of weeks, every moment has been so packed I’ve barely had time to think. But a few scenes stand out:

•Sitting in the university auditorium for The Boy’s concert, after a very full day at my leadership conference, and realizing I was sitting next to the world famous operatic bass who’s in residence this year. I recognized him because a) The Boy has worked with him in two operas and b) there’s no mistaking this guy. He’s in his early 60’s and looks as if he just stepped out of 1976: long, flowing hair, bell bottoms,  ankle-high zip boots, psychadellic shirt, and a man purse. He always dresses like that. I can’t imagine you can buy this stuff today, so I’m thinking he’s hung onto his outfits since his younger days of groovitude. I couldn’t help but snicker, but it really was a small brush with greatness.

After the concert. The tall, handsome one in the middle is my darling boy. I don’t know what the heck is going on with the husband in this picture.

•An energizing moment during the conference last Thursday, when it was my turn to teach a mini-lesson to my small group. My job is mainly administrative at this point, so getting to write and teach a lesson was exciting. I have to say, I totally nailed it. Didn’t hurt that the material is awesome, we have fantastic teachers modeling for us, and my group was engaged and supportive.

•Hanging out peacefully at home yesterday, with the delicious fragrance of a baking pie filling the air, listening to John Rutter’s “Requiem” (my favorite autumn music), crocheting, and simply enjoying being in the same room with Middle, who I missed terribly while traveling.

•Middle Sister’s classical voice recital this afternoon, which is likely to be her last, thus bringing to a close 16 (!!) years of recitals with our private music teacher. She went out with a bang, performing four songs better than I’ve ever heard her do them during her lessons. The Husband and I were filled with pride, though it was a bittersweet moment.

She looks rather melancholy here, but that’s only because she was in character for the song.

I’d like to think I’ll be able to get back to normal in the coming week, but my work calendar is so packed I predict it will all go by in a blur.

So I’ll keep watching for those memorable vignettes.

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