Farm friends

I was sorting through the photos on my phone yesterday and ran across a couple from our trip to Baltimore/D.C. that I had almost forgotten about.

The front of a flyer handed to us as we left Union Station in D.C.:

I can’t argue with the intensity and earnestness of the activists who gave us this pamphlet about the evils of the meat industry. But I can’t help but giggle over the knowing look on this chicken’s face, coupled with the caption above it. And then there’s the assertion within, that chickens “are intelligent creatures who cooperate and make plans.” Really? What kind of plans? Bunco night? Coffee with the geese across the yard?

Oldest captured this one, at a toll booth on the way to Philadelphia:

The owner of this trailer is laboring under the delusion that he/she has some pretty bad-ass animals. Sorry, but where I come from a trailer hauling horses is pretty much an everyday occurence. I laugh in the face of this danger. 

Happy Wednesday, friends!


4 thoughts on “Farm friends

  1. I’ll bet there are a few chickens with more smarts that say….some politicians. I was going to email you but I can’t figure out how to find your email through your WordPress…..I just wanted to say hi, I’m bogged down with life and not much time for reading or blogging. Well, I have time but been spending it on craft projects. I’ll be back.


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