You know you’re bored when…

…after a week of lying around doing pretty much nothing it’s a big thrill to

  1. Spend a couple of hours at work doing the bare minimum of catch-up.
  2. Stop by your mother-in-law’s “independent living” apartment to pick up her laundry. I’m the lucky winner of this aged relative’s weekly laundry for the foreseeable future, and such a joy it is. 


There was one compensation today – a little shopping that resulted in a fun, oversized sweater that will look adorable with skinny jeans and tall boots. 

So nice to be out and about again.  Especially on a cool-ish autumn day, with the leaves turning orange and red everywhere I look. 
Happy weekend, everyone!


9 thoughts on “You know you’re bored when…

    • Funny, though, when I dug out my winter clothes last weekend I discovered I already had a sweater very similar to this one! It’s going to have to go back, because I like the old model better than the new one!

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      • Lol! Happens to me with Lilly’s clothes: I buy something only to realize later she has something very similar in her closet already! I swear that 2 year old has more clothes than I do!


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