Wow, what a weekend.

It was a triple-whammy weekend.


Halloween. Not my favorite holiday, but kind of a festive blip on the radar nonetheless. At least it’s an excuse to have candy in the house.


Falling back. Yeah, I know it means an extra hour of sleep. But what it mostly means is DARK by 5:15. I don’t care if it’s light out in the morning. I’m wide awake in the morning. But as of yesterday, I am now completely non-functional by dinnertime.


Royals take the crown in an AWESOME twelfth inning. I snoozed through the 11th, but was wide awake for that ending. The last (and only other) time our home team won the series was just a few weeks before my wedding. Wow.

And now, time to go home to a) get some exercise to counteract the effects of that Halloween candy, b) do a few tasks before the sunlight reaches an angle that tells my body and mind to shut down for the day and c) watch Game 5 highlights yet again.


4 thoughts on “Wow, what a weekend.

    • There’s a big grocery big completely full of candy in my office right now, leftover from our Halloween party last week. I REALLY have to get it out of here – I’m snarfing enough “fun size” bars each day to equal at least one regular size!

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