How did they know?

Just got to my office and switched on NPR for a few minutes before I head up to my first staff meeting. And the first thing I heard was a news teaser that went something like this:

“Older women are now looking for shoes that look good without making them wince.”

What the…?!?!

My questions:

  • This is news?
  • HOW DID NPR KNOW THAT I’M PLANNING TO SHOP FOR THOSE VERY SHOES TODAY OVER LUNCH? I spent an hour last night online looking for low-cut boots with impact-absorbing soles – something that would feel like going around all day in a pair of house shoes. I have a pair of socks in my purse in preparation. I’m dreaming of floating around with soft, comfy, yet stylish shoes on my feet this winter.
  • What’s with that “older women” bull%&#! ?

It’s uncanny.

Fingers crossed, I’ll have a photo to share of these imaginary perfect shoes later in the day…


6 thoughts on “How did they know?

    • I did, in a way. It wasn’t really what I set out looking for, but I found a pair of Skecher boots that look kind of like Uggs but aren’t outrageously expensive. It’s a style I’d never really wanted, but they feel so good I on my feet I couldn’t resist! Good luck in your search!


  1. You clearly have higher standards than I do. Mine is pretty much “comfortable shoes that aren’t so dorky my wife doesn’t want to be seen with me when I’m wearing them.” Unfortunately for her, my elastic-strap Mary Janes are really comfortable.

    Anyway, Good luck! Would love to know if your hunt is successful. (Any chance Merrell jungle mocs would meet your style criteria? They’re my go-to comfortable winter shoes.)

    Oh, and I think the “older women” comment is actually more of a slam on younger women, who are presumably still valuing appearance above all else.

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    • I like the way you think. Hey, I looked up your mocs, and I’ve had a pair very similar to them (Columbias) for the last 13 years – bought them to traipse around Ireland in. But Im really glad you mentioned them because yes, they are extremely comfortable and I’m sure mine are degraded enough that a new pair would be a good idea.


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