Mission accomplished…I think.

Yesterday’s shoe shopping expedition was a success. Bought two pairs, decided to return one because they were considerably less comfortable than this second pair:


  • These are NOT $120 Uggs. They’re from a nearby, affordable Skechers outlet. 
  • They really do feel like wearing house shoes.
  • This is not exactly what I wanted in the “looks” department, but I’m going with them anyway because they feel SO GOOD.
  • I will NOT be wearing them with leggings and a t-shirt, an outfit often sported by the uber-affluent tweens and teens in our suburb.

Now I just wish the weather would turn cold again so I can wear them and pretend I’m out in public in my house shoes and pajamas. 


8 thoughts on “Mission accomplished…I think.

  1. Very nice! And glad to hear you’re not planning to wear it with the rest of the traditional tween outfit. 🙂 Are they likely to show winter rock salt stains, or is that not an issue in your area? That’s usually my one concern with fuzzyish shoes, how well I can wipe them down as needed.

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    • Yeah, they’re suede, which is a huge gamble. I’ve deliberately avoided suede forever because of that slush and rock salt problem, but I throwing caution to the wind this year!


    • Oh, and I also found a pair of Merell mocs on Friday – just wore them to church on an exceedingly busy and long day, and they were VERY comfortable. I’m so glad you gave me that tip!


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